101 East Sherman Avenue, Coeur d'Alene, ID (208) 966-4076


Is MoMo owned and operated by Hagadone Corporation?

MoMo was started by a local family which included Chef Hyun, his sister Grace and her husband Scott McNiel.  As of August of 2019, Hagadone Corporation has taken ownership of this great restaurant, but retained the talent of Chef Hyun.  His recipes, menu, and amazing flavors continues to be a staple that makes MoMo stand-out as a Coeur d’Alene favorite.

What distinguishes MoMo?

Our wok-executed food is like no other type of cooking. Fresh ingredients, wok-seared in flaming temperatures creates a crisp, aromatic taste like none other. Our sushi has been loved in Colorado for over ten years. We bring the best-selling to MoMo Cd’A. Everything is made-to-order.

All of our wok-seared sauces and dressings are homemade recipes rooted from a Korean-Japanese upbringing and culinary experiences. Executive Chef, Hyun Son, comes with an extensive resume of over 16 years of pan-Asian restaurant experience—most notably, his apprenticeship under Sushi Chef Kwon starting at age 15.

Why isn’t there a Sushi Bar?

You don’t see chains of this concept due to a variety of innate challenges. Wok food is one of the quickest-executed cooking styles there is available. Sushi takes intricate time. Having two separate kitchens, a Wok Kitchen and a Sushi Bar, is incredibly difficult to manage when it comes to coordinating time and quality of food for our guests. With over 10 years of managing two restaurants on a smaller-scale that do have a separate Sushi Bar and Wok-kitchen, we have decided that with the size and magnitude of MoMo Cd’A, we would eliminate this challenge altogether.

Trained wok and sushi chefs are hard to come by, especially in northern Idaho. Training chefs for this skillset takes 4 times the average labor hours to train for typical cook positions. We believe in pouring into a team of locals that will meet the excellence desired from Chef Hyun and our team. This will take time. As we strive to bring our best to Kootenai County and beyond, we thank you in advance for your patience. You will see new and exciting things ongoing at MoMo Cd’A as we continue to develop our team.